Congratulations To the Primary 7 pupils on the Transfer Results. We wish all our pupils well as they now prepare to progress on to the next stage of education.

Book Fair Thank you to all who supported the Book Fair. The school was able to receive books to the value of £660.00 divided amongst the various classes.


EARLY CLOSING/PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS Please remember school closes for all pupils at 1.00 p.m. from Monday 30th January – Friday 3rd February 2017 to accommodate parental interviews. . Dinners will be served as normal. Interviews have been arranged so that teachers will see family members on the same day.

Exciting Energy

Today Monika came into our school to P6 and P7 and told us about different types of energy.  We made windmills and learned lots of interesting facts about energy.  We learned about Geothermal, Bio-mass, Hydro-Electric, Solar, Wind and Tidal energies.  We found out many intere

Children of the World

Children in Primarys 3 and 4 worked hard during November and December on their Christmas Play entitled "Children of the World".


OPERA HOUSE – Friday 6th January 2017 Arrangements for our annual outing to the Opera House are as follows. Those children who are not attending the event will not come to school at all. Children attending, will come to school at 12.15 p.m. and enter by the front door, going straight to the Assembly Hall. Children should wear full school uniform.

Paint Spinner Bike

On Monday 19th December Beverley from Sustrans came into our school and allowed 40 children to take part in using in her paint spinner bike to create painted paper plates.  The spinner was powered by the children pedalling the bike and another adding paint onto the paper plate which was in a large pot.  The children had been picked out of a prize draw from those who  had compl

Water Bus

On Friday 16th December the Norther Ireland Water Bus visited our school.  We were taught that we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and that our muscles store the water.  When we drink fizzy drinks we need to use the water to digest the sugary drinks, which is not good for our muscles or our bodies.  We also learned that taking a bath uses 20 buckets of water but a fi

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